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With the way things are today, with business after business trying to outdo each other in performance, many businesses are now changing the way they look at things and are now trying to beat out their competition in a different way, reputation. With a higher reputation a business would gain more customers thus increasing their profit and beating their competitors. So they are now dropping their old workers and are hiring College graduates. Is this better for the business? Hiring college graduates and getting rid of experienced workers? Each group has its pros and its cons. But in the end which really is the better choice?

There are many plusses to a college education and each plus is another step towards a better life. But the real question is, “how would a college education help you on the job?” A college education can help you in many ways. First and foremost, the college education is what probably got you the job. Without it you probably wouldn’t have gotten hired. Secondly, you didn’t go through four years of college learning in a specific field not to get a job in that field. So having knowledge in the field your working in is a big advantage. Another plus is that the business would gain a higher reputation for having college educated workers and that would bring in more money. But is this enough to cover the four years you could have had in experience?

Experience on a job is just as good if not better than having knowledge of a job that you get from a college education. An individual who didn’t go to college would have four years of experience over a college graduate. This is an advantage because you would steadily gain knowledge and experience. So having gained knowledge and hands on experience over a course of four years is far better than just gaining knowledge. Having hands on experienced workers is what makes a business perform smoothly. A business with highly experienced workers can out perform a business with highly educated workers anytime.

In conclusion, the better choice of workers for a business is all up to what the business is after. If the business is after performance then the better choice would be experienced workers. But if the business is after reputation the better choice would be the college graduates. However, in the long run the better choice would be the college graduates. Why? Because, with a degree to show that you are certified in what you do many people would come to your business just because of trust. A person would trust an individual with a degree more than they would a person who said they now how.

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    If it didn't post all the way, it's because you can rarely "cut & paste" here; you need to retype it all out.

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    ok thanks

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    i need to if there are changes i can make to make it better

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    There seems to be a fallacy in your paper. I have never inquired or known whether employees in a particular business were college graduates or not. Of course, I expect physicians and nurses to be college graduates, but for most other businesses — especially with the sales people — I do not know.

    It seems like your main concern is whether 4 years of college is as good as 4 years of professional experience. Wouldn't that depend on the type of business and the level of inservice training as compared various majors in a a college education?

    I hope this feedback helps. Thanks for asking.

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    so i need to write about the level of inservice training as commared to various majors in a college

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