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Chemistry - please help!

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How do you do the simplified structural formula and full structural formula of ester? I'm really struggling,please help!

e.g.methyl ethanoate/propyl methanoate

  • Chemistry - please help! -

    There are many rules of naming esters but simplified structural formula would entail, a condensed structure such as /\o/\ (o is connected to the 2 side chains) and a full structure wouild be if you drew it with all the carbons and hydrogens and etc.

    methyl ethanoate

    propyl methanoate
    (propyl is 3 carbons long)

  • Chemistry - please help! -

    I would draw methyl ethanoate as
    CH3COOCH3, which I think is different than you have drawn. It is made by combining
    CH3COOH + HOCH3 ==>
    I think the structure drawn actually is methyl methanoate or methyl formate

    Propyl methanoate I think is correct with the correct number of atoms, but I think a clearer picture is
    HCOOCH2CH2CH3. Made by combining
    Also known as propyl formate.
    Check my thinking.

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