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so is the balanced equation

MnO4+C2O4->Mn +2CO2.. that doesnt make sense because there are 8 oxygens on the right side..

  • chemistry-Dr.Bob -

    MnO4 + 2C2O4 -> Mn + 4CO2

    Now there are 4 carbons on both sides and 8 Oxygens and one Manganese. You did good. Just forgot to put a 2 on the left side.

  • chemistry-Dr.Bob -

    correction...your answer is correct. I read your 8 and didn't look closely. There are NOT 8 oxygens on the right side...there are only 4. 2 X 2 = 4. The answer I gave reduces to what you had. Therefore your answer was correct.

  • chemistry-Dr.Bob -

    Bad news for both Lisa and K. No, the equation isn't balanced. To be balanced, a redox equation must:
    1. have the same number of atoms of each element on each side. That part is OK, for now, but it won't be true when you fix 2 and 3 below.
    2. have the same amount of charge on both sides. If written correctly, that isn't so. You have omitted the change on MnO4^-, C2O4^=, and Mn^+2.
    3. The number of electrons lost must be equal to the number of electrons gained. That isn't so either.
    Here is a hint:
    a. Put the charges on permanganage, manganese ion, and oxalate ion.
    b. Mn in MnO4^- is +7. Mn in Mn^+2 is +2. That is gain of 5 electrons.
    c. C in C2O4^= is +6 (for both C atoms) and changres to +8(for both C atoms in 2CO2). That is a loss of 2 electrons.

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