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A 100.0 g sample of ethanol at 25.0 degrees celsius is heated and boiled completely to vapor at its boiling point. How much heat does it absorb?

i did....

q=100.0 *2.44*43.5=10,614 J
then i added the two q's together and i got 23,700 J. is that right??? if no can someone please tell me what to do?

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    You need to tell me what numbers you are using. The second q of 13054 looks ok but I used 78.4 for the boiling point and 78.4-25 = 53.4). Perhaps you used a different boiling point.
    I found several values for heat of vaporization. You should have mass x heat vaporization, then add the two qs together. I don't know what the 43.5 is in the first q but probably that part is wrong. Perhaps I can be more helpful if you tell me what values you are using.

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    43.5 i got off a phyical state changing chart...

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    If its 45.3 J/g*C for the heat of vaporization, then q = 100 x 45.3 = ??
    However, I didn't see anything that looked like that when I looked for delta H vap.

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