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Can someone please help me with solving simultanaous equations using graphs

My problem is that i don't know how to plot them on the actal graph and nor I know how to plot the gradient withing this paticular situation

I need help with some steps please

MY IGCSE's are coming


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    I assume you are talking about linear (straight line) equations that can be written in the form y = mx + b

    m is the slope or gradient. You don't plot it, but you can use it to plot each line on a graph. Start at the y-intercept (b) and draw a line with slope m.

    The largest number of simultaneous equations that you can solve with graphing is two. The solution occurs where the lines intersect.

    If you have three equations, you are really looking for a place where three planes intersect, and that is too hard to draw on a graph.

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    This website, with an actual graph, may explain the procedure for plotting a single equation better than I can with just words.

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