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Homework Help: psychology. please revise

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You are currently an associate at an advertising agency where you have worked for two years. You are pursuing a promotion to the position of advertising executive. While you have expected to put in extra hours and some added responsibility as part of earning the promotion, your boss has increased your workload significantly, including some projects which had been assigned to other associates. You have more deadlines than you think you can meet plus the creative pressure of creating new and innovative material for your campaigns.


What steps of the general adaptation syndrome will I experience?

The first step will be the alarm reaction, where the body releases chemical and a variety of psychological mechanisms to fight stress and to be able to stay in control. This is called a fight response because once the stress is over the body will return to normal.

Second of all, I will experience the resistance or adaptation phase, where the body is responding to a long-term protection. During this period, if the body continues to work without any period of relaxation and rest to counterbalance the stress response; I will become very fatigue, irritated, unable to concentrate which will lead to negative stress and the breakdown of the mine.

And finally, I will be dealing with the exhaustion phase, where my body will run out of energy and my immune system will be extremely weak. As a result, mental, physical, emotional resources will suffer greatly and will lead to illness and collapse.


What emotional and cognitive effects might this stressor produce?

This stressor might produce anxiety as a result of physical responses to stress. Cognitive symptom of anxiety will include confusion, inhability to concentrate, obsessive thoughts, panic and terror. From time to time, someone’s body can experience anxiety depending on your daily level of stress. In this situation, the word emotion will be used in order to describe a person emotional’s state. In essence, we can conclude that anxiety is created by anticipation of future events and projects.

If this stress continues, how might it affect my health?

If this stress continues it might affect my health by a condition called distress which is a negative stress reaction. Distress will lead to many symptoms such as headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure and insomnia. Also, my body will be more sensitive to illness from colds and other diseases.

How might I resolve this situation effectively to reduce my stress?’

In this situation I will reduce my stress, by establishing a proper-time management where I will start doing a project early in order to have ample time to finish without stress. I will exercise every morning before I go to work, in order to maintain a high level of energy, weight and stamina. Also, a mental clarity exercise will be a must. And finally a well balanced diet will help me keep my body in good shape, sharpen my mind and reduce the stress level. Making such a move will increase my confidence and the willingness to be a leader.

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