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Homework Help: Math/Fractions

Posted by Mary Mac on Friday, May 2, 2008 at 12:51pm.

I really need help with this problem. I have NO IDEA how to get the answers to 3 and 5.

Benjamin and Olivia are putting in a new floor in thier kitchen. To get the floor up to the desired height, they need to add 1 1/8 ft. of subfloor. They can do this in one of two ways. They can put 1/2 in. sheet on top of 5/8 in board (note that the total would be 98 ft or 1 1/8 ft). They could also put 3/8 in. board on top of 3/4 in sheet.
The table below gives the price for each sheet of plywood from a Home Depot store.

Thickness price
1/8 in. $9.15
1/4 in. $13.05
3/8 in. $14.99
1/2 in. $17.99
5/8 in. $19.13
3/4 in. $21.36
7/8 in. $25.23
1 in. $28.49

1. What is the combined price for a 1/2 in. sheet and a 5/8 in. sheet?
I got $37.01

2. What is the combined price for a 3/8 in sheet and a 3/4 in. sheet?
I got $36.35

3.What other combination of sheets of plywood yields the needed 1 1/8 -in. thickness?
4. Of the four combinations, which is most economical?

5.The kitchen is to be 12 ft 12 ft. Find the total cost of the plywood you have suggested
in question 4.

I have no idea how to come up with the last three answers. I dont want the answers, I just want to know HOW to work these problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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