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Two Right Triangles have equal acute angles, yet one triangle is larger than the other. Therefore, the triangles much be _________________.

I've looked everywhere in my books and on the internet and I cant find it.

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    What is the difference between similar and congruent triangles?

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    Ohh.. i think i get it. it would be similar because they are exactly the same yet one is slightly larger.

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    They are similar.

    because ALL triangles have and will always have 180 degrees.

    BOTH of the right triangles have an 90 degrees angle, which leaves 90 degrees left in both triangles

    than they have an another angle which is less than 90 (x degree) just by knowing this, you can say they are similar by Angle- Angle Similarity (AA~) or to get an AAA~ you find the 3rd angle which is, 90-x.

    so in all the 3 angles of BOTH triangles are

    90 degrees , x degrees, (90-x) degrees

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