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physics - fluids

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A fire hose exerts a force on the person holding it. This is because the water accelerates as it goes from the hose through the nozzle. How much force is required to hold a 7.5 cm diameter hose delivering 450 L/min through a 0.80cm diameter nozzle?

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    The velocity will be increased as the inverse ratio of areas:

    New velocity/oldvelocity=(7.5/.8)^2

    The old velocity can be solved by

    450L/min*1dm^3/L * 1min/60sec is flow in dm^3/sec, so divide that by area and you get linear flow.

    acceleration=changevelocity/time so on a per second basis,

    and then, Force=mass/second*acceleration
    = density*450L/60sec*acceleratin

    check my thinking.

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