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Posted by barby on Thursday, May 1, 2008 at 1:14am.

scientists performedan experiment to determined whether there is a connection between learning ability and food. they took two groups of 20 mice each, all from the same purebred strain. the mice were deprived of food for 3 days and then given a standard learning session in running through a maze. they were trained by giving them a mild eletric shock whenever they took a wrong turn. Immediately after each learning session, one group of mice was fed, but the other was not, a week later, all of the mice were tested to see whether they could still run the maze correctly. the group that had been fed had retained this ability, but the other group had not. The probable reason that the scientists used only mice from the same pure-bred strain is so that:

a) genetic differences would not affect the outcome of the test
b) the experiment could be repeated with the same mice
c) the experiment wouldn't cost as much
d) the mice would all be the same color
e) the mice would all be the same size

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