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Posted by Christi on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 11:44pm.

Historically, African-American women have enjoyed the skeptical benefits of the few of beliefs of womanhood (Davis 1983). African-American women are in the general sense; the only women in America, who is almost unknown, thus, the only insight of African American women’s lives are the shaped contributions from the media. In effort to understand the African-American women, it is necessary to begin with slavery. Now, this is not to suggest that the African-American women’s history begins with slavery, but the existence as an African-American woman in this society was conceived and defined in the framework of the foundations of slavery. In slavery, black women were treated as breeders, satisfiers of white men’s sexual desires, and workers (Davis 1983). In fact, they were considered, privately owned property, which only had value to the white slave masters and the mistress. The simple idea that she should have value to her family was unthinkable since the African American woman slave was never considered a social being “in this society” (Davis 1983). Hence, essentially to breed, she was therefore made and economy asset to her owners and was only valued, with respect to her marketability.

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