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Im in the 10th grade in Chemistry 1 Honors.
Im learning to write a chemical equation. Im confuse on that statement i was given for my homework.

The products and reactants are just magnesium Sulfide and magnesium and sulfur? Then why are they talking about yellow crystalline and saying they foud metallic deposits on the bottom?

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    Thanks for the information. I thought that might help me pitch the explanation at the right level. Magnesium sulfide is a solid. I think that the point of the problem is to show that some compounds decompose upon heating. In this case, the MgS (magnesium sulfide) is a solid, it decomposes into its constituent elements when heated to an appropriate temperature. The description of the yellow solid on the walls of the vessel and a metallic deposit is to let you make an educated guess that the solid yellow material on the walls is sulfur and the metal probably is magnesium metal. The reactant is magnesium sulfide. The products are sulfur and magnesium.

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