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What are two conditions thet must be met for sexual reproduction to occur?

Why is it important that only one sperm fertilizes the egg?

List the following stages of human debelopment in order.

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    I have answered the 3rd question but still need help on the other two...

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    In response to your second question, different species have different numbers of chromosomes. For humans, this would be a diploid number of 46. If a second sperm entered the egg, then the chromosome number would be 46 + 23 = 69. If the organism was viable, it would be another species.

    For your first question, probably there are many conditions necessary for sexual reproduction. However, meiosis would be a must, and I would probability pick fertilziation — combination of the two haploid cells, sperm and egg — as the second condition.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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    Thank you PsyDAG

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