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American History

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1. Perhaps the most important international result of World War II was
a. the emergence of the Cold War.
b. Britain's return to world dominance.
c. the elimination of Germany from world affairs.
d. America's return to isolationism.

--------------------------my answer A
Because after the second world war, the U.S and the Soviet Union beacame the superpowers dominating the world. Germany and Greak Britian's powers had been weakened by the war. Since the two powers were great, the rivary between U.S and Soviet Union started that made Cold War to exist.

2. In the years following World War II, the search for Communists in government, labor unions, and the media

a. went largely unnoticed by the American people.
b. created a climate of fear and suspicion.
c. subsided after a few weeks.
d. resulted in the exposure of hundreds of Soviet spies.
------------------------my answer A?
Because after second world war, the amerians were busy celebrating the victory.

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