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Homework Help: American History

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1. The Five-Power Treaty, the Four-Power Treaty, and the Nine-Power Treaty were all attempts to
a. establish, or fix, national borders.
b. exchange ambassadors.
c. ensure international peace.
d. lower trade and tariff barriers.
-----------------------my answer: A?
the U.S hosted an international conference on naval disarmaent and Pacific security.
The Five-Power Treaty was to have equal naval power with Great Britian, the Four-Power Treaty was to respect each other's territory in the Pacific, and the Nine-Power Treaty was guarentee china's territorialintergrity and prosed to uphold the Open Door policy.

2. The event that prompted the American public to lend its overwhelming support to the entry of the United States into World War II was
a. Japan's bombing raid on Pearl Harbor.
b. Germany's land attack on Czechoslovakia.
c. Germany's invasion of Poland.
d. Germany's submarine attacks on U.S. ships.
-----------------------my answer: C?
In 1939 the German invasion of Poland sparked World War II. Soon, Roosevelt took steps to aid the European countries under siefe. Some 3 weeks after the German invasin of Poland, he urges Congress to amend the neutrality act that barred the exports of minitions. Then Roosevelt soon realized that Americn invlvement is unavoidable and started a compaign to prepare U. S. degenses for the likely conflict.

------------------Is that correct???

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