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Homework Help: Chem (Help!)

Posted by Lisa on Monday, April 28, 2008 at 5:25pm.

I really need help answering these questions.

A sample of CO2 gas with a mass of 0.30 g is placed in a 250 mL container at 400 K. What is the pressure in atmospheres exerted by this gas?

Before you can put the numbers into an equation and solve for the volume, change the mass to moles by using the following equation:

1)mass*molar mass

2)mass/molar mass

3)mass*(6.02 x 1023)mass/

4)mass(6.02 x 1023).

If you calculate the molar mass of CO2, what do your get? g/mol (round the atomic masses to hundredths place and your answer should also be rounded to the hundredths place)

Now, use the equation you chose above to calculate the moles of CO2. mol(round to the ten thousandths place)

Almost ready to calculate our answer, but first we need to convert the mL to L.
250 mL x 1)1000L/mL 2)1L/1000mL 3)100L/ mL 4)1L/100mL = our answer in L.

After plugging your data into the correct ideal gas law equation, you get LatmpsimL (round to the hundredths place).

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