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Homework Help: please revise my intro

Posted by christy on Monday, April 28, 2008 at 10:35am.

Hello, I am writing a paper for international law course can someone please revise my intro? thank you.
It is ordinarily accepted among all nations that territorial jurisdiction is based on the fact that a crime is committed within their territory. However, sometimes they also exercise jurisdiction because the crime was committed abroad by one of their nationals or because the victim of the crime was a national of the state.
For instance, in the federal court case United States v. Yanez, in which five men hijacked a Jordanian airliner. Among these passengers were two American citizens who were apparently not the target of the terrorist activity. Hijackers latter released the passengers and blew up the aircraft. The defendant was lured into international waters and brought to the United States, where he was convicted of conspiracy, hostage taking, and air piracy (Smit1118). Thus, in this case jurisdiction was held under the Hostage Taking Statute of the United States, providing jurisdiction on the nationality of the victim, and under sect. 32 of the Aircraft Piracy Statute, adopted from traditional international legal bases of the universal and passive personality principle (1120).

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