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Homework Help: chem lab

Posted by natash on Monday, April 28, 2008 at 12:46am.

ok I'm having trouble with graphing this chemistry lab. It's on atomic emission spectra. In this experiment we observed the line spectrum of first helium, and here is the data:
color: distance: wavelenght:
violet 20.35cm
light blue 21.70cm
green 23.08cm
light green 22.75cm
yellow 27.70cm
red 31.70cm
faint red 33.95cm
and then for hydrogen:
purple 19.57cm
green 22.47cm
yellow 26.95cm
red 31.00cm

Its given the visible helium emission lines:
wavelenght(nm) relative intensity
447.1 200
468.6 30
471.3 30
and so on...

Also there is a table of colors of visible light:
wavelenght range (nm)
380-420 violet
420-440 violet-blue
440-470 blue
470-500 blue-green
and so on...

Now I'm asked to make a calibration curve for helium. distance along meter stick A vs. waelength
I know Y is the distance (cm)which we found out in the lab and wavelenght (nm) is the X.
I don't understand how I would set up the excel.
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help

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