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Homework Help: English Expression

Posted by John on Saturday, April 26, 2008 at 1:55am.

Let's find out how Parents' Day is different from country to country, and let's learn the expressions related to congratulation or praise.
O Answering praise
O Saying one's own opinion
O Answering praise or congratulation

How do you express the mind of gratitude?
What is the relationship of the people having a conversation?
They are a teacher and a student.
They are a mother and a son.

Mom is an intimate word for mother. we can say mommy instead of mom.
'Happy Mother's Day!' is a congratulating greeting for 'Mother's Day'.

How do you express that you love parents in English?
What action will be expected after this dialogue?
They will hug each other.
They will angry at each other.
In Western culture it is general to send the congratulating mind by giving and taking presents together with cards.

Would you check the expressions above? I'd like to use correct expressions.

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