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if the specifc heat of iron = 0.46J/g C,how much heat is needed to warm 50g of iron from 20C to 100C

-- I do not know how to make the celcius o above the temperature number

my anwswer

Q = Mx(delta)TxC
Q = 1840 Joules

Delta = the triangle I do not know how to make that on the computer

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    I don't know how to make the delta on the computer either. I usually write as you did. I note that some students use DH for delta H, DT for delta T, DS for delta S, etc.
    You answer of 1840 Joules is correct. Good work.

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    A couple of points I missed. I CAN make the degree sign as 20o C. But it's a lot easier to just write it as 20o C and almost everyone knows what that means. The other point is to please not the correct spelling of Celsius.

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