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Which bond is most polar?

Which species has the shortest carbon/oxygen bond?
carbon monoxide
carbon dioxide
carbonate anion
all carbon/oxygen bonds have same length

Plz Help me with this....I need to see if I answered it right

I put O-P for the first one, and carbon dioxide for the second question.....Total guess

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    For #1, look up the electronegativities of the each element, subtract one from the other for each pair, the largest difference produces the most polar bond.

    For #2, draw the Lewis electron dot structure. Single bonds are longer than double bonds which are longer than triple bonds.

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    The answer would be Si-O. What about the sec. question.......Is the answer right? Thanks BTW.

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    I can't draw the Lewis structures on these boards because of spacing problems; i.e., the board recognizes only one space and ignores all the others I put in. Perhaps I can use dashes or words.
    I think CO is CtriplebondO
    I think CO2 is O=C=O
    I think carbonate ion is C with single bonds to two O atoms and double bond to the other. Then you can draw resonance structures so each C-O bond would be part way between single and double. From this you can pick out the triple bond. That will be the shortest.

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