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I am a bit confused on this question

Paula Jamasen's attorney asks Dr Tsou for the medical records about Paula's car accident and promises to provide a written authroization fom Paula later. Dr Tsou gives the attorney Paula's entire file, including her records about treatment for HIV I need to know if any violations of HIPPA privacy rule has occurred..

Now I Know that with HIPPA the doctor etc can not discuss the patient's iformation with other people and you need to have something in writing from the patient for whom your medical informaton can be shared with such as family members etc. No I think a violation has happened because Paula should have singed a relase form first and the doctor should not have given the part of the medical record about Paula's HIV treatment

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Yes, indeed, the doctor had no business sharing her medical records with the attorney, without Paula's permission . You do not say there was a subpoena involved.

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    Paula would first have to sign a release of information form at her doctor's office in order for them to send any information. She would put on the form who she wanted the records to be sent, and what part of her records she wanted to be sent. In example, she could have written entire chart, which would include info about her HIV info or she could have put only info after certain date( accident date). If the doctor sent the info and no subpoenas were given, without Paula's permission, the doctor is at fault and broke the HIPPA law, which is very serious.

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