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Posted by Buddhadev on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 11:30pm.

*Please note my question is found in the Analysis section of this Lab.

Preparation of Esters

Carry out the virtual lab as outlined below. You will need to record your data in an observations table of your design. When you have completed the lab, word process it include your observation table (with all observations), analysis and answers to questions.


The purpose of this lab is to determine what combinations of alcohols and carboxylic acids make the scents wintergreen, pineapple and rum.


conc. H2SO4 in a dropper bottle
hot plate
test tube
500 mL beaker
butanoic acid
10 mL transfer pipet
methanoic acid
pipet bulb
salicylic acid
distilled water


1. Prepare a hot water bath by half-filling a 500 mL beaker with water and heating it gently on a hot plate until it comes to a boil
2. Using a transfer pipet, place 2 mL of an alcohol into a test tube. (In the virtual lab, click on the pipet and dip it into either the methanol or ethanol beaker. Then click on the pipet to fill it. Move it over to the empty test tube and click once for each 1mL. TIP: On the second click for the second 1 mL, hold down the click and move the pipet to the side and empty it so it is ready to fill with the next liquid.)
3. Using a transfer pipet, place 2 mL of an acid into the test tube.
4. Add 2 mL of sulfuric acid to the test tube.
5. Place in the water bath for 5 minutes. (To place in the water bath, click on the hot plate at the top right and you will be taken to another screen where you will see your test tube in a hot water bath on the hot plate. Press the red button on the hot plate and you will see the clock go forward 5 minutes. You may see changes in the test tube or you may not. The colour in the test tube corresponds to the colour scale on screen. Wintergreen Green, Pineapple Yellow, Brown Rum)
6. Record the scent (if present) into an observations table. If no scent is detected, it must also be recorded.
7. Repeat steps 1-5 until the three scents have been identified.

Here are the results I got from my lab experiment at school today.

Methanol + Butanoic acid + Sulfuric acid = pineapple

Methanol + Salicylic acid + Sulfuric acid = wintergreen

Ethanol + Methanoic acid + Sulfuric acid = rum


Write chemical equations using diagrams or chemical formulae to represent each of the three esterification reactions that resulted in the three scents.

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