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Social studies

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Well I posted this earlier, and this is what it said

What are the advantages and disadvantages of selling water to the United States?

The ones I got are

- We will get more money
- We will have less water
- We will use more gas to transport the water.

I thought this would be easier, but apparently no XD



Social Studies - Ms. Sue, Wednesday,
Selling water to the United States doesn't make any sense. The U.S. has a huge supply of fresh water in many rivers, aquifers, and the Great Lakes.

And apparently, this hasn't helped me much, cuz I need to have a few advantages and disadvantages for howmework, which is due tomorrow, and im hoping SOMEONE out there can help me =)



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    Ahh -- now I understand. You're Canadian! I'm sorry, but I didn't know that there was a question about Canada selling water to the U.S. So I researched a bit and found these websites that discuss this controversy.

    (Broken Link Removed)

    (Broken Link Removed)

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    okay, thanks for your help! =)

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