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what are the forms of jouons and when do i use each

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Your question is not clear. If you mean jouer (the infinitive form = to play) here it is in the Present Indicative Tense, the first tense you will learn. The form you use depends upon the subject:
    je joue, tu joues, il/elle/on joue
    nous jouons, vous jouez, ils/elles jouent

    If that isn't what you want, please ask again. Jouons is the "nous" form = we play, we do play, we are playing or if it stands alone, without "nous" it will mean "let's Play" = a command.


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    thank you

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    Je - I
    Tu - You(as in some1 u know, like a friend)
    Il - He
    Elle - She
    Nous - Let's
    Vous - You (Either in a respectful way of saying you, or if you're talking to a group)
    Ils - They (if there's 1 guy and 20 girls, that's still Ils)
    Elles - They (Only girls in the group)

    so these are the conjugasions

    Je Joue
    Tu joues
    Il joue
    Elle joue
    Nous jouons
    Vous jouez
    Ils jouent
    Elles jouent

    just go on google and type in "Free online french conjugasions" and click I think the first link... And when you type in the verb, make sure you click "CONJUGATE"


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    please i speak english and i want to know how to speak it can you please help me out

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