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Algebra II

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Which of the following expressions are not equal to 1?

A) sin^2 theta + cot^2 theta sin^2 theta
B) (sin^2 theta/1-cos theta)-cos theta
C) sec^2 theta + tan^2 theta
D) cot^2 theta sin^2 theta/cos^2theta

Answer: D

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    for D I get
    c^2/s^2 * s^2 /c^2 = 1 sorry

    A gives
    s^2 (1 + c^2/s^2) = s^2 + c^2 = 1

    B gives (does not make sense the way you wrote it)
    Maybe you mean
    sin^2 theta/(1-cos theta)-cos theta
    [s^2 -c (1-c)] /(1-c)
    [ s^2 + c^2 -c] / (1-c)
    (1-c) / (1-c)

    C gives
    (1/c^2) + s^2/c^2
    = (1 + s^2)/c^2
    not 1

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