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For the following balanced equation: 2 Ag+ (aq) + Cu(s)--> Cu2+ (aq) + 2 Ag(s)
Which letter corresponds to the correct cell notation at standard state conditions?

A. Cu(s)/Cu2+(aq)//Ag+(aq)/Ag(s)
B. Cu2+(aq)/ Cu(s)// Ag(s)/ Ag+(aq)
C. Ag+(aq)/ Cu2+(aq)// Cu(s)/ Ag(s)
D. 2Ag+(aq)/ Cu2+(aq)// 2Ag(s)/ Cu(s)
E. Cu(s)/ Cu2+(aq)// 2Ag+(aq)/ 2Ag(s)

What reaction is occurring at the anode?

A. Ag+ + e– --> Ag
B. Cu2+ + 2e– --> Cu
C. Cu--> Cu2+ + 2e–
D. Ag--> Ag+ + e–

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    What are the two half equations?
    Ag^+(aq) + e ==> Ag(s) and
    Cu(s) ==> Cu^+2(aq) + 2e.
    By convention, the anode (negative charge) is shown on the left side of the || salt bridge and the cathode (+ charged) on the right side of the bridge. Technically, I don't think ANY of them represent the equation because standard state conditions would show the aq soln at 1 M. Perhaps the problem does and you just didn't type it in; however, I think the intent of the problem is for you to pick one since "none of the above" is a choice.
    Fpr #2, see my comments at your original post.

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