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Here is the full lab:

Lab: Electrolytic Cells

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to test the method of stoichiometry in cells.

Steel can
Tin electrode
Power Source
Wire lead (x2)
tin(II) chloride solution (3.25 M)
Large beaker

Take the mass of the steel can and record your observations.

I get 117.34 grams

Place the steel can in the large beaker.

Pour the solution of tin(II) chloride into the beaker so it surrounds (but does not go in) the steel can.

Place the tin electrode into the beaker.

Attach the wires to the steel can and the tin electrode.

Connect the wires to the proper terminus on the power source.

Set the timer to 6.00 minutes and start the timer.

The power source will come on automatically and will turn off automatically when time runs out.

Take the mass of the steel can.Assume it is completly dry when you do so.

I get 118.05 grams

What is the mass of the tin produced?

Thank you

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    The mass of the Sn produced is the difference between the starting mass of the steel can before the procedure started and the mass of the steel can after the experiment was completed. What is that? About 118.05 - 117.34 = ??

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    Thank you

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    The mass of the tin produced is 0.71 grams

    What is the theoretical mass of tin that should have been produced?

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    I have worked this problem several times over the last three-four days. You would do well to post ALL of your questions that deal with the experiment ALONG WITH YOUR WORK TO SHOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, explaining as you go what steps you don't understand and WHY you don't know the next step to take. Doing it this way you can drag it out for several days AND we will have done all the work for you, bit by bit. Done all together, you may understand how the problem works.

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