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Posted by Joe on Friday, April 18, 2008 at 5:55pm.

Sam wanted to replace the worn-out rain spouting around the perimeter of his barn. Upon examination of the choices of width, gauge and heaviness, Sam went to the saleman and explained the job he wished to do, the dimensions to be covered and the location of the rain spouting. The saleman recommended the thin gauge spouting normally used in small homes. Sam purchased the rain spouting and properly installed it. During the first heavy rain storm, the spouting on the longest side of the barn collapsed with the weight of the water. Sam claims a breach of the

a. warranty of fitness for a particular purpose
b. warranty of title
c. warranty of conformity to description, model, sample
d. warranty against infringement

George buys 10 dozen nails from Gus' Hardware Store. When he usesthe first dozen to build tthe frame of his home, all 12 nails bend under the pounding of the hammer and the head of the nail breaks off. George sues Gus' store for a breach of
a. An express warranty
b. the implied warranty of title
c. the implied warranty of merchantability
d. the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose

I think 1)C 2)D

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