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Posted by May on Friday, April 18, 2008 at 5:11pm.

Milton purchased a riding lawn mower from Jack's Law and Garden Shop, a retailer. During the first use, Milton is injured while mowing the hill behind his home when the seat of the mower comes loose and he is thrown from the mower. Milton may sue Jack's Shop on the basis of

a. Is it Negligence
b. products liability
c. breach of warranty of fitness for particular purpose
d. breach of and express warranty

Mr. Brown president of Brown's Moving&Storage, decides the company should expand by purchase another truck. He contactd Mr. Black. After discussing concerning use, specification and price, Mr. Brown places an order for one 1985 White tractor for $50,000.The next day, Mr. Black sends a letter to Mr. Brown comfirming the purchase, style and delivery date. Mr. Bown does not respond. This contract is

a.Is it Violative of the Statute of Frauds
b. Enforceable by both parties
c. UnEneforceable
d. a&b
e. none above

I believe the answer to question #1 is Products Liability.

As to #2, I believe it is enforceable by both parties as Mr. Black had sent Mr. Brown a letter - conversation already took place showing intent.

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