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In the commercial production of the element arsenic, arsenic (II) oxide is heated with carbon which reduces the oxide to the metal according to the following equation: 2As2O3 + 3C ----„³ 3CO2 +4As
A>if 8.87 g of As2O3 is used in the reaction and 5.33 g of As is produced what is the percentage yield?
B>If 67 of carbon is used up in a different reaction and 425 g of As is produced, calculate the percentage yield of this reaction

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    A. You have the balanced equation.
    1. Convert 8.87 g As2O3 to mols remembering that mols = grams/molar mass.
    2. Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert mols As203 to mols As.
    3. Convert mols As to grams. grams = mols x molar mass. This is the theoretical yield.
    4. %yield =
    (actual yield/theoretical yield)x 100

    B. The procedure is the same for this part of the problem but you start with carbon. Post your work if you get stuck.

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