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English Expression

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Number 5, stand up. Come to the black board. Pick up a piece of white chalk. Draw a square, a big square. It should be 1 meter by 1 meter, for you have to draw several things in the square. OK. that's enough. You have to draw things in the square and complete the picture according to my command. You have to draw the picture according as you are told. Draw two houses in the middle of the picture. Two birds are flying above the houses. On the right side of the house there are two trees. In front of the houses there is a bench. A boy is sitting on the bench. There is a desk on the right side of the bench. On the desk there are a desk lamp and a book....OK. Would you describe the picture? What can you see? (I can see two birds,...and a book.) What can you see in the picture? ( I can see two birds...and a book.) How many houses are there? (There are two houses.) Who is sitting on the bench? ( A boy is.) What is in front of the houses? (It is a bench.) OK. Well done. Go back to your seat. Give her a big hand. Any other volunteers?
Would you check the passage? It is an activity.

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    Capital T at the beginning of the 7th sentence.

    Instead of "according to my command," it'd be better to say "according to my directions."

    Instead of "according as you are told," it should read "just as you are told."

    In this sentence -- "On the right side of the house there are two trees." -- I think "houses" would be more accurate since you told her to draw two of them.

    Otherwise, well done!

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