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English Expression

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1. ex) I like her very much.
In this sentence, 'like and her' link together. They are pronounced as a linking sound or liaison just like one word. The h sound is omitted when they pronounced together.

2. Paying attention to the linking mark, listen carefully.
3. Listen carefully, and mark linking on the place where two words link together, pronouncing just like one word. ex) It's social science.
'It's social' is pronounced as a linking sound or liaison. The s sound in 'It's' is omitted, so you should pronounce just one 's' sound in 'It's social'.
Are the expressions above grammatical? Would you check them?
I'd like to use correct expressions.

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    I agree with the grammar of the statements, but not what is said about dropping consonants and slurring words together.

    Dropping "h's" was one of the things Eliza (in My Fair Lady) had to be taught NOT to do. It's ok to link the s sounds in "It's social" together , but saying "I liker" instead of "I like her" is sloppy speech.

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