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Physics check

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1)How is displacement different from distance? Under what conditions can an object travel a certain distance and yet its resultant displacement be zero?

Displacement is a vector quantity while distance is a scalar quantity. If an object goes round-trip its displacement will be zero.

2)What is the distance traveled by a vehicle in 12 minutes, if its speed is 35 km/h?

(35km/1h)(1000m/1km)(1h/60min)(1min/60sec)=9.72 m/s

720 sec/9.72
= 74 km

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    Jon, think. If he was taveling at 35km/hr for an hour, he would have went 35km. He traveled for 1/5 of an hour.

    The answer is obviously wrong. It has to be about 7km (1/5 of 35)

    Then, to top it off, you divided time by speed. Hmmmm. distance=velocity*time

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