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Atomic physics

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1)What is the longest wavelength light capable of ionizing a hydrogen atom in the n = 6 state
2)a. Calculate the energy of the electron in the ground state of single ionized helium, which has an atomic number Z = 2.
b. Calculate the radius of its ground-state orbit

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    1) Solve h c/L = (Rydberg)/6^2 for L

    The Rydberg energy is equivalent to 13.6 eV, but you will have to convert it to Joules

    2) a) The ground state energy of He+ is 2^2 = 4 times below that of hydrogen in the n=1 quantum level.
    b) half the radius of the n=1 Bohr orbit of hydrogen

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    I thank you immensely for your help.

  • Atomic physics -

    what is h and c?

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