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Short Circuit Problem (Physics)

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Thanks so much for all your help damon!

I think this is my last one:

h t t p ://

The reading of the ammeter is 2 A. The reading of the voltmeter is 33 V. Determine the unknown resistance and emf (picture linked above- remove spaces).

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    emf sets top most node to emf V.

    Nodal at top node:

    (emf - V)/5 = 2A

    => emf = 43V

    ohms law at top node:

    (43V - 33V)/12 = Current right branch = 0.83A

    Current in left branch = A + 0.83 = 2.83A

    R = 33/2.83 = 11.66 Ohms

    Although, this question is a little odd because there's no ground.

  • Short Circuit Problem (Physics) - ,

    ty so much dan!

  • Short Circuit Problem (Physics) - ,

    No problem ^^

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