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Hi, can someone please proofread and check my grammar. I'll appreciate it. Thanks!

3) what were the main points of the article? Provide concise summary.

The author of the article defines resilience as the individual’s capacity to develop resilience in the face of adversity. One of the three main resources of resilience the author describes is called “I HAVE” which is the child’s available external support resources. These resources provide the child with a sense of security and safety. The second resource is called “I AM” this is when a child relies on their own personal feelings, strengths, and beliefs. The last resource she describes is called “I CAN” this is the child’s social skills and interpersonal skills learned through communication and interaction.

The author provides many examples that explain the three main resources of resilience. She also mentions how children who are younger will experience the “I HAVE” resource more frequently, when compared to an older child. As children age, they rely more on their “I AM” resource as well as their “I CAN” resource.

The author also provides examples of activities and opportunities parents can provide to their child to help promote resilience. Some of the activities and opportunities the author suggests parents fulfill with their children include, emotional support, clear rules with clear consequences, model behavior, encourage problem solving along with praise, and unconditional love. The author concludes her article be expressing the multiple factors that are attributed to resilience, such as genetics and the child’s temperament.

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    On content, the first sentence sticks out like a sore thumb. One can't define a term with the term itself; it makes no sense. What you stated is that resilience is the capacity to develope resilience....That sentence needs some major rewording.

    In the last two sentences, you have big errors after "I AM" and "I CAN". You need to redo those sentences.

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    Bobpursley is correct. There are run-ons after "I AM" and "I CAN."

    In addition, the reference "their" in this sentence is incorrect since the noun that pronoun refers to is singular: "when a child relies on their own personal feelings, strengths, and beliefs."

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