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Physics / Dynamics

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After the fuel is turned off, the rotor of a jet engine decelerates under the action of air friction, which depends on the square of its speed, and constant bearing friction. Thus the deceleration is written as b + c * w^2, where b and c are constants and w is the angular velocity of the rotor. Determine the time t required for the rotor to come to rest from a speed w_0.

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    dw/dt = -b - c w^2
    Solve by separation of variables

    dt = -dw/(b + c w^2)
    = -(dw/c)/[(b/c) + w^2]

    Integrate the left side from t=0 to T while the right side goes from w_o to 0

    The term on the right integrates to an arctangent function.

    T = (1/c)*sqrt(c/b)[tan^-1(sqrt(c/b)w_o)) - tan^-1(0]

    No guarantees on that. Try it yourself

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