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describe the genetics of the huntigton disease
a. what chromosomes are affected?
b. is it a result on translocation/
c. is it a sex-linked?
d. does it skip a generation

3. waht are the cause of huntington disaese? how does it occur ? is it preventable ? how ?

4. waht are the symptona and the complication of your disease?

5. is the disease fatal ? when ?
what is the life expectancy of an individual ?

6. waht are the cuurent tratments for this disaese ?
how effective are they ?

7. what questions are resaerchers currently attempting to answer ?

8. wat are the social ramification for those afflicted with the disaease ?

9. what are the support groups that exist for this disease ?

  • biology / CELEISTINE -

    Huntington's Disease:

    Be sure to read carefully and to check out the references and external links at the bottom of the webpage.

  • biology / CELEISTINE -

    this is not real this website is good but slow and does not help at the time that you need it

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