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The issue arising out of the Yunis case is the concern over the authority of the United States statues permitting extraterritorial jurisdiction and application of the United States constitution to aliens. Thus, Yunis argued that under general principles of International law, a United States court could not try him because as a foreign national he committed crimes in foreign soil and federal law provided no independent basis for jurisdiction (Clarizo). In the case of Yunis, the United States contended jurisdiction, found in section 1203 of the Hostage Taking Statue and section 32 of the Aircraft Piracy Statue adopted from traditional international legal bases of universal and personality principle, in which provides the court sufficient grounds to assert jurisdiction over Yunis (Emory 116).

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    Please note these corrections:

    statues = statutes (laws)
    Constitution (capitalized)
    Aircraft Piracy Statute, (sp. + comma)
    principle, which provides (omit in)

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    I think you mean statutes, not statues, right? -- twice in this paragraph. If you're not sure of the differences between these two words, you should look them up here:

    Delete the comma after "Thus" and add a comma after "that" in the same sentence.

    You need "on foreign soil" not "in..."

    You should probably delete "In the case of Yunis," in the last sentence since the entire paragraph is about this case, as you have already stated previously.

    You should begin that last sentence like this: "The United States, however, contended..."

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