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1)Bulb P is rated 60 W, 110 V and bulb Q is rated 100 W, 110 V. Which of the bulbs has the higher resistance?

A)they have the same
B)cannot be determined
C)bulb P
D)bulb Q

I got C. b/c of higher potential difference.

2)A battery of 10.0 V is connected across a resistor of 40.0. Calculate the power delivered to the resistor.

A)400 W
B)10 W
C)2.5 W
D)25 W


I got A

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    On the first, potential difference has nothing to do with it.

    Resistance=voltage ^2/powerrating

    On the second, no

    Power= 10^2/40. That is not 400

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    I meant C on 2.

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