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1)A 15.0 resistor and a 20.0 resistor are connector in parallel. A 5.00 resistor is connected in series with this parallel arrangement. The resistors are connected across a 1.00(I think something else is suppose to be after that but its missing)10^2-V battery. What is the current flowing through the 20.0-resistor?

A)1.21 A
B)3.15 A
C)5.00 A
D)6.84 A

I got C.

2)A current of 5.0 A flows for 20.0 minutes through a bulb and delivers 15000 J of electric energy to the bulb. What is the potential difference across the bulb?

A)2.5 V
B)4 V
C)100 V
D)100 V (book typo)

I don't know what to do for this one

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    The first is wrong. I have no idea how you got that.

    The second
    energy= V*I*timeinseconds solve for v

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