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1)Which of the following statements is true about electric forces?

A)electric forces cause objects to only attract each other.
B)electric forces cause objects to only repel each other
C)electric forces cause objects to repel or attract each other
D)electric forces have no effect on each other

the answer is C.

2)A negatively charged balloon sticks to a wooden door. However, an uncharged balloon does not stick to a wooden door. What is the nature of the charge on the wooden door?

A)electrically neutral
B)positively charged
D)lacking protons

I got 3 different answers each time for A-C, but my final answer is A.

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    1 A)

    2. The overall charge of the door may be neutral if it is not electrically grounded, but the door area in contact with the balloon is charged positively in any case, due to polarization and induction. I don't whether to advise you to answer A or B, because the question is too vague about grounding and which part of the door they are referring to.

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    1) elctric forces do both that's why like charges repel and opposites attract

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    Yes, I meant to write C. for (1) I was concentrating on answering your second question. My mistake.

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