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Indicate true or false in each of the following statements:

1. A static magnetic field can do work on a current carrying wire when the current in the wire is perpendicular to the field.
2. The time required for a charged particle to complete one cycle of a circular path in a uniform magnetic field is independent of the velocity of the charged particle.
3. The magnetic field lines leave the north pole of a bar magnet and enter the south pole and are continuous inside the magnet.
4. A charged particle moving perpendicular to a uniform B field will move on a spiral path.
5.Two antiparallel currents repel each other.
1.True 2.True 3.true 4.false( circular path) 5.true
Pl check my answers

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    2. Ignoring relativistic mass, you are right. In the real world, mass is dependent on velocity.

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    Thank u

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