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Hi there,

ok, my question stated "Use information from acid/base table and the value of Kw t ocalulate the base ionization constant, Kb, of the following bases:

a)hypochlorite ion

b) nitrite ion

c) benzoate ion

I looked at my acid/base table but it only gives values for hypochlorus acid, nitric acid, benzoic acid,.....

What to do?

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    Two comments.
    #1. You don't means nitric acid. You mean nitrous acid, HNO2.

    #2. You found the Ka for HOCl, HNO2, and C6H5COOH. You want Kb (not Ka) for the anion; i.e., OCl^-, NO2^-, and C6H5COO^-. Easy to do.
    KaKb = Kw. You know Kw, you find Ka in the tables for the corresponding acids, solve for Kb for the conjugate base.

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