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1)Specular reflection obeys the laws of reflection while diffuse reflection does not.

False. drwls said its true but I disagree can you please explain.

2)A convex lens is used to obtain an enlarged virtual image.


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    1) The answer depends upon what you call the "laws" of reflection. The angle of incidence is NOT equal to the angle of reflection, for a diffuse reflector.

    I explained my answer before. Light that is diffusely reflected is reflected at many angles, not just one. That is why images cannot be seen in a diffuse reflector, such as a piece of paper.

    2) "True" is correct sometimes, such as with a magnifying glass, but convex lenses can also form real images. In a refracting telescope, one convex lens can be used as the objective to form a real image and a second (eyepiece) convex lens can form a virtual image of the first image.

    Simple convex lenses, and especially plano convex lenses, are seldom used in optical systems such as cameras and telescopes because their image-forming properties are relatively poor.

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