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chem-> front page report

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wondering if this looks good or should I make the format some other way.

Multistep Synthesis of 4-Bromo-2-Chloro-6-Iodoaniline




Multistep A,B
March 13,2008

Multistep C
March 20,2008

Multistep D
March 27, 2008

Multistep E
April 03, 2008

not sure if I should include the actuall synthesized product in each part.

Thank You.

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    seems like it's inadequate if something is missing. =/

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    wondering if u got the mechanisms

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    I think the format looks good. I would provide a synthesis for each step.

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    on the front page?
    actually that would look good if it was small. Not sure, should it go under Multistep like this


    Multistep A,B
    aniline (molecule) + sodium acetate tryhydrate(molecule)=> (above arrow is HCl) acetanilide(molecule) + acetic acid(molecule)

    The thing is I'm not sure when to put something below or above an arrow. Is it when it is solvent then you put it there or can you put reactants as well (I think I've seen some but maybe those were solvents) In the reaction above HCl is there but not reacting well I didn't show it reacthing anyhow.

    Thanks Dr.Bob

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    I misunderstood. For the front page, I assume that is a Title Page. If a title page I would just write the title, your name, report, date, etc. INSIDE, for the actual lab writeup, that's where I would break it down into the actual syntheses.

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