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I question that 1+1=2. Prove to me that it does.

For example I have one car and then buy another car. How many cars do I know have? For English 1+1 does equall two but in math it doesen't.

My proof is as follows. I have one sheet of paper. I put another piece of paper ontop of it. I know have two papers. Understand that 1 paper and 1 paper didn't morph into 1 paper with the value of two. By stating 1+1=2 your sugessting that one entity morphed with another entity with both entities haveing the value of one into one entity with the value of two. One entity plus one entity is two entitys not one. So 1+1=1+1 and can't be simplified.

Prove me wrong.

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    I agree, I don't believe you can "prove" 1+1=2. However, by definition, 1+1=2.

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