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physics(please help)

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a planet orbits a star with period T. As seen from that planet the star's diameter subtends an angle of theta radians. Show the density of the star is given by rou=24pi/G(T^2)theta^3

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  • physics(please help) -

    This calls for a combination of Kepler's third law (or Newton's gravitational and motion laws) and trigonometry.

    Equating the gravitational attraction to the centripetal force tells you that

    GM/R^2 = V^2/R = (2 pi R/T)^2/R
    = 4 pi^2 R/T^2
    (4 pi^2/G M) = T^2/R^3

    where R is the distance from the planet to the star. I will let r be the diameter of the star.

    The angle subtended by the star in radians is theta = 2 r/R

    Now, the star's density = M/[(4/3) pi r^3]
    = M/[(4/3) pi R^3]*(r/R)^3
    = 4 pi^2/(G T^2)(r/R)^3 / [(4/3) pi]
    = 3 pi/(G T^2)/(theta/2)^3
    = 24 pi/[G T^2 (theta)^3]

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