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Homework Help: Physics

Posted by Maggie on Sunday, April 6, 2008 at 9:46am.

Many hot-water heating systems have a reservoir tank connected directly to the pipeline, so as to allow for expansion when the water becomes hot. The heating system of a house has 74 m of copper pipe whose inside radius is 9.10 10-3 m. When the water and pipe are heated from 20 to 75°C, what must be the minimum volume of the reservoir tank to hold the overflow of water?

I know the volume of the pipe is
pi R^2 L = 1.93*10^-2 m^2 = 19.3 liters

I calculated how much that volume of water increases when being heated from 20 to 75 C. I used the thermal expansion coefficient of water. It varies from 20 to 75 C.

delta V = V*4*10^-4*(75 - 20)
= 0.43 liters

My finnally answe has to be in m^3 so I divided .43l liters by 10^-3 m^3 but I can't come up with right answer for this problem.

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